Services List

Discover more about our extensive range of professional tree services. We constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.

24/7 Emergency Service

JL Tree Services offers a 24 hour call out service for storm damage emergency tree work. We are fully equipped with generators, flood lights, road signage and high visibility clothing. 

Tree Inspections & Surveys

We would provide a full consultation with the client, an on-site assessment and full written report on our findings.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the process of removing the top canopy of the tree. Crown reduction is better than completely taking the tree down and results in a more tidy compact shape. 

Tree Felling 

The process where a tree is removed down to ground level. Once the tree is on the ground it is then cut not sections for easier removal. 

Removal of Dead or Dangerous Trees 

Removal of some or all of the tree to prevent personal injury or damage to property.

Tree Pruning & Planting

This is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Proper pruning is essential to develop a tree with a good looking shape and a strong structure. Branch bracing technique can also be used to support trees with weak structure.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of removing the stump that is left after cutting a tree down. Using a specialist machine the tree stump is  ground down to leave the area clear for replanting or turfing. 

Hedge Trimming 

Hedges trimmed, reduced or removed as per customer requirements. 

Woodland Management

Please contact us should you be interested this service, we can provide a bespoke contract solution.. 

Site Clearance

The removal of trees and shrubs which have become overgrown or are no longer wanted. This process often requires a 4x4 off-road machine with winching, lifting and chipping functions. All waste is removed from site. 

Plant Hire

Compact mini digger, dumper and wood chipper plant hire available upon request. Operator can be supplied. Contact us for more info. 

Application & Legal Advice 

If the trees in question are protected by a Tree Preservation Order or if they are in a Conservation Area we can check this for you with your local Council and advise how to proceed..


Being a tree surgeon we always have access to firewood! Please contact us if you need logs.